Beatpoet – Something deep

Beatpoet – something deep
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Over 2 hours deep and melodic soundscapes for forthcoming hot days and a little tribute to Thomas Fehlmann.


Thomas Fehlmann – Berliner Luftikus Discogs
Maurizio – mb6 Discogs
Thomas Fehlmann – Du fehlst mir Discogs
Mikkel Metal – Kenton Discogs
Quantec – Planet view Discogs
Reference – The swell Discogs
Thomas Fehlmann – Permanent touch Discogs
Octex – Emergeon Discogs
Deepchord presents Echospace – Summer haze Discogs
Killahertz – Hours, Minutes, Seconds Discogs
Onmutu Mechanicks – Neutrino Discogs
Thomas Fehlmann  – Du fehlst mir Discogs
Deepchord presents Echospace – Firefly Discogs
Ozy – Gin and Bi / Tonic Discogs
Yagya – Rigning Sjö Discogs
Luke Hess – Reel Life Discogs
Yagya – Change Discogs
Lazzich- Speps for kids (Killahertz Dub) Discogs
Taho – The river of grace Discogs
Shooshine – Fournales Discogs
Fabio Scalabroni – It’s raining stardust Discogs
Quantec – Atmospheric noise Discogs
Fabio Scalabroni – Equoreo Discogs
Gabriel Ananda – Radiodust Discogs
Elektronischer Garten – Summer shock Discogs
Pelon – No Stunts Discogs
Octex – Otnemem Discogs
Maurizio  – Untitled Discogs
Thomas Fehlmann – Soziale wärme Discogs
Thomas Fehlmann – Bienenkönig Discogs
Marco Carola – Comodo Discogs
Thomas Fehlmann – Arbeitstitel Discogs
Plastikman – Psyk Discogs
Plastikman – Pakard Discogs
Fergie – Slazenger (Dnox & Becker remix) Discogs
Christian Morgenstern – M.i.l.k Discogs
Ada – Maps (Michael Mayer & Tobias Thomas Mix) Discogs
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sweet mix, good tracks :)

posted by jeri on 06.05.11 at 6:37 pm

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